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Work in Progress Arts Ltd started life in 2009 and was primarily set up to activate the rights of children and young people using arts, heritage and culture as a tool for empowerment and change.    

Whilst we continue to operate as an arts organisation, we work across sectors. At the heart of what we do is to help achieve positive change for those whose voices need to be heard. Our focus has broadened to include wider community members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

We work with partners, commissioners, communities and deliverers to achieve this and are problem, opportunity and solution focussed, using creative processes and tools to deliver results.

Our people /community focus helps to ensure a non-tokenistic, meaningful and purposeful approach to making real change for individuals and communities.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and accessible to all. Our processes are transparent and engagement is targeted and appropriate.

Our team is made up of professionals and emerging leaders. With a history firmly routed in developing children and young people we are committed to nurturing the next generation of creative practitioners. Our work is valued by peers and commissioners and we have a strong track record of delivering services to key clients over a number of years.

Our work is always themed (whether we are working to a commission or delivering our own research activity). We deliver creative consultation activity that is problem and solution/ resolution focussed and output and result driven.

We strive to influence service providers to adapt to the needs of their customers. Our consultation activity, including providing formal reports, has influenced change at a strategic level within organisations and local authorities.

If you are committed to change and developing a person / community centred approach to decision-making and developing services, we would love to work with you.

Get in touch and let’s get some Work in Progress.

info@workinprogress.uk.com / 07837 734275.

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