My Style – News and Updates

Hello there and Happy New Year! Hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you got a good rest. We at WiP certainly did but now we’re back, refreshed and ready to face the spring term.

You may have heard that we’ve been running a very exciting programme in the Library of Birmingham called My Style. This is an Arts Award Club combined with a creative programme that allows young people to develop their skills and passions in their own way. We also had the chance to recruit some Personal Stylists to help us deliver these sessions, which was very exciting for us. Make sure you read to the end of this blog to catch the start dates and venues for this term – check our neat, new poster on our homepage!

Here’s a summary of the highlights from our first term of delivery:

We’ve welcomed a whole cohort of young creatives to My Style and having the chance to discover what it is that they love to do – we had photographers, sketchers and cross-stitchers come and share their talents with us!

We got to try so many new artforms including watercolour, printing, photography and collaging. We also got to share what we were good at in every session! It was great to be able to develop new skills and stretch our creativity.

We explored what Art was, and developed our critical thinking skills. We visited the Library of Birmingham and The REP Theatre to review them as arts organisations. We also paid a visit to a very exciting art exhibition, and took part in t heir public consultation project.

We worked together to plan and co-ordinate an event where we could share our work. We planned what we would like to share, where it would be and who was going to talk (and what snacks would be on offer!). We also made invitations for all our friends and family.

And the event itself was a huge success! We had so many people come and see what we had been up to over the last few weeks – and they were suitably impressed. We got some great feedback which made everyone’s hard work worthwhile.

And that’s that! I think you’ll agree that we’ve had an absolutely fantastic time. Want to be a part of My Style? Come along and join us! This term we have two clubs – Mondays, 5-7pm at the Library of Birmingham (sign up here!) and Saturdays, 11am-1pm at the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster (sign up here!).

Does your venue want to become a My Style hub? Get in touch now! Email for more information. We hope to hear from you soon.