My Style Club reviews the REP Discovery Day

A group of our My Style participants got the opportunity to visit the REP Theatre on 15th October for their pirate-themed Discovery Day. There were plenty of exciting activities on offer – combat workshops, stage make-up and face painting to name a few! We asked the young people to write some reviews on their experiences, and they were all excellent so we thought we would share them with you.

Where did I go?: The REP to see Treasure Island
What did I see?: An amazing stage and lots of people/balloons outside
Did I enjoy it?: Absolutely, YES!
My favourite activity was taking pictures. Gill is helping me take pictures.
Would I recommend this open day to a friend?: I would and they would like it because they’d have lots of fun watching the theatre – 10/10

I liked the scar painting and the tour of the theatre because it was fun and really interesting. I loved the scar painting because it was funny and really realistic. I disliked some of the activities as they were babyish.
Questions: Do they other activities like this? Are there any activities like that for older kids?
Ideas: They should have more activities for older children.

I like face painting. I dislike that the helium balloons go up in the air when you let go of them.  I love combat lessons.
Questions: Why was there a lady that pretends to give you blood.
Ideas: They should make more activities.

I like the face painting because it was cool. I dislike the idea that they did not let you go on the stage. I love the combat movies because I like action movies and acts.
Ideas: They should let you go on to the stage.

Eboni – we felt that Eboni’s review was the best, so she received a special prize. Great job, Eboni!
Where did I go?: To the REP, at the craft section on the second floor
What did I see?:  Loads of arty stuff like – pom poms, feathers, glue, chalk, cups, materials, other people’s stuff, treasure boxes, parrots, maps
Did I enjoy it?: Yes I enjoyed this experience, getting my face painted, making stuff and backstage tours and sword fights.
My favourite activity was making a parrot, treasure box and a map. This was my favourite activity because it was artistic, unique and because it’s what I do best, make stuff, and after I got a backstage tour.
Did other people agree with me?: Yes other people agreed with me because when I asked them this question they answered ‘Yes’ I enjoyed this because it’s creative, fun and it’s like having a whole week doing art which is enjoyable.
Would I recommend this open day to a friend?: Yes I would recommend this to a friend… they would love it and be more creative than normal and out of 10 I rate it 10/10.

What brilliant reviews! We hope to see more of these from our My Stylists soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the next REP Discovery Day – you really don’t want to miss out.

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