Farewell from Qash

This week is a sad week for WiP as we say goodbye to not one, but TWO, valued members of the team. We asked them to sum up their experiences with us from the last 12 months. First up, we hear from Qash – amazing performer and My Style Personal Stylist extraordinaire! 

I cannot believe this day has come.

Before I started to work for the amazing Work in Progress, I was a 19 year old with loads of creativity but no sense of direction. This time last year I started a trainee-ship with Creative Alliance who then gave me the opportunity to do a two-week placement with Work in Progress. I met with the ruthless Ruth and Rachel who welcomed me to the team. Work in Progress is very much a crazy creative family that is pretty hard to escape.

After my two week placement, I applied for a part time My Stylist Job. Not only was the job title uber cool but the job role was pretty unique, working with young people to develop and support their creative style. I have been working for WIP for over a year now (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE). Let’s just say I was a part of some insane but cool events. Don’t believe me? Well… I was able to dress up as Fred from Scooby-Doo and stay overnight in Library of Birmingham as part of one of the takeover events. My role changed from event to event – I could sing (not very well), dance and act.

WiP has made me grow as a person, from being that late 19 year old to the more punctual and maybe more cheesier person. The WiP team have been amazingly supporting through my journey and have let me go wild with some of my crazy ideas. It is rare to find such a loving caring special company like WiP to work with. If anyone ever gets the chance to be apart of the team, GRAB IT AND DON’T LET GO (because it’s hard to escape). I just want to personally thank everyone who has become part of my WiP journey. You guys have no idea what it means to me!!

Keep smiling, keep riding the wave and don’t forget always be BRAVE.