Work in Progress presents a brand new piece of theatre, Belonging.
Join us as we meet two groups of characters desperately trying to find a place to belong as their lives hang in the balance.

We hear the stories of five people brought together by circumstance. Sleeping in a cardboard city of secrets, fears and anxieties which fuel the unquenchable fire they encamp around at night. As reality hits they discover that the fire is not the only thing awake at night.

In the meantime a band of space travellers desperately search for a place to land. They are passed from pillar to post between inflexible regimes, changing opening times, unwilling citizens and a government in chaos. Their numbers are dwindling and the situation becomes ever more urgent, but no-one will listen. No-one seems to care that their rights have been violated. No-one even seems to think that they are people.

Belonging premieres at our event, ‘On the Road to Belonging’ at the mac. Belonging will be shared in the Foyle Studio at the mac on 1st June at 12.20pm and 7pm. For tickets contact mac Box Office: 0121 446 3232 or head to https://macbirmingham.co.uk/.

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