Ariya’s First Week

To say we had quite the early morning is an understatement. By 8am we were all comfortably nested in Ruth’s car, chatting cheerfully, under the glorious rising sun along the M1 to London!

After what felt like a rather quick journey, we arrived at Lift Youth Hub, ready to participate in an Arts Award event hosted by The Royal Opera House Bridge. The event was focused around the benefits of Arts Award – especially Gold Arts Award – along with brilliant tips and advice in regards to delivering the Arts Award.

I was very fortunate to have been at this event with Work in Progress and the entire team really made me proud. Ruth delivered a very insightful presentation, sharing not only what has worked well with WiP and the Gold Arts Award, but also the many learning curves the organisation has gone through delivering the Award. It was also brilliant to see Vicki being celebrated as such a fantastic Arts Award advisor! Her one-to-one centred approach really helped the guests attending the event gain an insight into what really works when it comes to encouraging and supporting a young person to complete their Award. Rachel and I then got to share a little about our personal experience completing the Gold Arts Award and Rachel also offered some tips of her own which everyone in the room found very useful. WiP did a fantastic job.


There were also many inspiring individuals who came to share the stories of their experience with the Gold Arts Award. Emrys introduced us all to a brilliant website called Arts Award Voice and talked us all through how to use the gold hub on the website. It was beneficial to learn about online resources as I am currently completing my Gold Award and it was also great to learn about the opportunities available to young people on the website- such as being a young reporter at immense arts festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Before we departed on our mammoth journey back to Birmingham (in quite heavy traffic I might add) we were fed a delightful lunch by The Royal Opera House and we were very grateful for the wonderful boost of energy before our travelling. The journey back, though very very long, was awesome team bonding time. We used our time together to discuss visions, ideas and personal experiences. It was lovely to chat with the team and it made such a long journey fun!

I am very honoured to be a part of the organisation, I have enjoyed the BEST first week here at WiP and I am so very excited for the many wonderful days to come!

Bye for now,

Interesting links:
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Royal Opera House Bridge Website – find out more about the work of the Royal Opera House